Traditional Brick Oven Pizza

Home made crust, and custom toppings, finished on the grill, with easy cleanup for this traditional pizza.




For 3 thin crust: 3 ½ cups White Flour (preferably Bob's Red Mill) 1 TBS Honey 1 teaspoon Active Yeast 3 TBS Olive Oil 1 Cup warm water For traditional toppings: 1lb Mozzarella 1 small onion 1 can black olives 8oz mushrooms 1 lb sausage 14 oz can stewed tomatoes 6 oz cream cheese fresh basil

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For dough: Add honey, yeast, and oil to warm water and stir to combine. Fit mixer with hook. Add flour to bowl and 1 teaspoon salt. Add liquid slowly until tacky and pulls away from sides, stop adding liquid and let run on low for 7 minutes to knead. Put dough in medium bowl, drizzle w/ oil, and cover until doubled in volume. Repeat for additional batches (we usually make 6 batches of dough for ~25 people back yard party) For toppings for traditional: Fix small slicing blade to Food Processor attachment, run batches of vegetables through, set aside. Fix shredding blade, shred mozzarella cheese, set aside. Fix metal blade, add tomatoes and basil, combine w/ 1 TBS olive oil and 1 teaspoon salt. Set aside. Brown sausage in skillet. No need to wash out bowl between steps as you'll combine everything in a few minutes when you bake. To make pizzas, set grill on low, or fire wood oven, or pre-heat convection oven w/ stone. Cut dough batches into thirds, and roll out very thin on silicone mat until ⅛-¼ thick. Dust peal lightly w/ corn meal, lay on dough, add toppings (sauce, meat, veggies, cheese), and back until done (12 minutes in 400 Convection oven, 6 minutes in wood fired oven, variable on the grill) Remove and slice! Eat hot!