Toasted Salad

Mediterranean style toasted pizza topped with Caesar salad




Focaccia bread 1 each cooked chicken breast 4 oz Mozzarella Cheese 4 oz Pesto sauce 2 oz Romaine Lettuce 4 oz Caesar dressing 3 oz Parmesan cheese 2 oz

Nutritional information

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Cut the focaccia bread in 2 pieces to have a top and bottom Spread equal amounts of pesto sauce on each bread Top each piece with diced chicken and the with mozzarella cheese Place in a 400 degree oven till cheese is fully melted and golden drown color Remove from oven, cut each pizza into 4 pieces and place in a plate In a mixing bowl combine romaine lettuce with Caesar dressing and mix well Top pizza with salad and finish with grated parmesan cheese and serve