Tasty Tuna Tacos

This fresh take on a Southwest favorite was a hit with my sushi-loving daughter and her husband.




12 oz very fresh ahi tuna steaks 2 Granny Smith Apples 1 fresh lime ½ medium onion, minced Olive oil Flour tortillas Fresh tomato salsa ½ c sour cream 2 Tbl milk or yogurt 1 teaspoon Wasabi paste Soy sauce (opt)

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Shred apples on large grater. Toss with minced onion and lime juice. Set aside. Combine sour cream, milk (or yoghurt) and Wasabi to taste. Make it as hot as you like. Heat flour tortillas on a hot dry griddle or skillet until just beginning to brown. Flip tortilla to toast other side. Tortillas will puff just a bit, will get more flexible much tastier. Stack and cover with foil. When tortillas are done, heat oil and sear tuna steaks briefly on all sides. We liked them just barely seared and very rare in the center, but please your crowd. Slice tuna into ¼" thick slices. To assemble taco: Take one warm tortilla, line center with apple mixture, layer 2-4 slices tuna, douse with wasabi sauce and fresh salsa. Add soy sauce if you must. Roll and eat over the plate to avoid drips.