Stuffed Cabbage

Favorite PA "coal region" tradition on making stuffed cabbage rolls. Sometimes referred to as Halupky and "pigeons" (I have NO idea where that came from) Served at regional church festivals, block party and family evening meals!!


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2 medium heads of cabbage 2 lb ground beef 1 lb ground pork ½ lb ground veal (optional) ½ lb sweet sausage, removed from casing(optional) 2 large onions 2 eggs Butter enough to saute Fresh garlic Celery Parsley Salt and white pepper Large can(s) tomato soup

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Mix ground meat together Saute chopped onions, garlic and celery in butter until soft. Thoroughly beat eggs Add the saute mixture, eggs, parsley, salt and pepper to the meat and mix well Core cabbage, steam in boiling water until leaves break away from the head Peel leaves, remove thick end/stem of the leaf and drain and cool (it will be much easier to roll) Form meat into balls, depending on the size of the cabbage leaf to be used. Place meat into leaf, roll and tuck in each end. If there is too much cabbage on the ends, trim the excess. There is no need to hold together with a toothpick if you tuck in the ends. Place filled and rolled cabbage leaves into a pot and add water to steam or boil the entree. Cook for at least 45 minutes... After cooking, remove from pot and place into container. Strain the water from which the cabbage rolls were cooked. Add this water to the can(s) of concentrated tomato soup---same manner if you were preparing a bowl of tomato soup. If you do not have enough water from cooking the cabbage rolls, simply use plain water Place the cabbage rolls into the tomato soup mixture, heat slowly allowing the tomato soup to blend with the flavors of the cabbage and ground meat. Serve - adding salt or pepper as per individual taste