Southern Homestyle Chicken Salad

This is my family's favorite chicken salad. Even my picky eater loves this.




3 poached chicken breasts (cleaned and trimmed of any gristle) 2 boiled eggs 3 Tablespoons Sweet pickle relish 2 Tablespoons mayonaise 1 Tablespoon Miracle Whip 2 teaspoons dijon mustard salt and pepper to taste Toasted Pecans for garnish

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In a medium bowl combine mayo, miracle whip, mustard, salt and pepper. Set aside. Cut the chicken breasts into chunks and mince in a food processor (chicken should be about the size of a pea or slightly smaller) Add chicken to the dressing. Chop eggs to the same size as chicken in the food processor and then add to dressing. Add pickle relish and stir. Serve alone on a bed of lettuce or on toast for the best chicken salad you have ever eaten. Don't forget to top with your toasted pecans.