Smoked Wild Turkey

A wild turkey smoked to perfection using heat to cook and apple and cherry wood to smoke




1 10 lb. wild turkey cleaned 5-cloves of garlic minced 2-tbs. fresh cracked black pepper juice of 1 lemon 1½ tbs. onion powder 3 tbs. old bay seafood seasoning 1 teaspoon. cinnamon ½ teaspoon. cumin 1½ teaspoon. curry powder ¼ cup liquid brown sugar

Nutritional information

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Combine liquid brown sugar, lemon juice, and minced garlic. Rub over entire outside of bird. Set aside remainder ofliquid. Combine all dry ingredients. Rub over bird, coating outside. With a nice bed of coals in a closed grill, place small amounts of apple and cherry wood with bark if possible, on coals. Cover with a perforated pice of metal. Put bird on rack and close all vents. Check every 15 minutes and turn every 30 minutes or less depending on the amount of heat until done. Approximately 2 hrs.