Seared Mahi Mahi

This is a fast and healthy meal, the spinach also acts as a sauce for the fish because of all of the juices that render out of it when cooking.




For Mahi: 4 6oz fresh mahi mahi fillets 1 lime 1 lemon 2 ½ tablespoons of olive oil 1 teaspoon of celery salt 2 teaspoons black pepper 1 teaspoon Cholula hot sauce or to taste 1 ½ table spoons of chopped scallions 1 table spoon water 2teaspoons honey For Spinach: 4cups or a large bag of fresh spinach 1 large tomato medium diced 1 onion medium diced 2 garlic cloves minced

Nutritional information

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Cut the lime and lemon in half and squeeze juice out into a small bowl, Then add olive oil, celery salt, black pepper, hot sauce, chopped scallions, water, and the honey and whisk together Place fish into bag and let marinate for at least 15minutes In the mean time place the spinach in a pan and let it cook down for 5minutes then add tomatoes, onion and garlic and finish cooking for another 5minutes. Then Turn the another burner on high and use a medium sized sauté pan, add the some olive oil to the pan, once the pan gets hot place the fillets into the pan and turn the heat down to medium temperature, cooking the fillets for about 4minutes on each side, making sure not to burn the fillets