Sauté chicken breast topped with creamy white wine sauce with season green beans

Submitted by Tyisha
Submitted by Tyisha




Seasoning for the chicken breast (skin off) Funnel seed- 1 Tsp Marjoram levees- 1 Tsp Oregano Leaves- 1 Tsp Graduated garlic- ½ teaspoon Ground white pepper- ½ teaspoon Salt & pepper Sauce for the chicken White cooking wine- 1 cup Brown sugar-½- teaspoon Parmesan – ¼ cup Celery-1.5 oz. Grape tomatoes- 3 Heavy cream- 1 cup Green beans- 2.5 oz.

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Directions 1.Season the chicken then cut up the celery and the grape tomatoes. 2.Start the boiling water for the green beans. 3.Sauté the chicken with celery, and tomatoes in a lager sauté pan, then once both sides of the chicken are brown take the chicken out the pan then put into 2 ½ hotel pan and finish in the oven until 165. 4.Put the green beans in the boiling water for about 8 minutes 5.While the chicken is cooking start the sauce. 6.First, deglaze the pan with the white cooking wine then let that simmer for 3 minutes. (stair occasionally) 7.Second, add in the heavy cream and let that simmer for 2 minutes. (stair occasionally) 8.Last, add in the Parmesan cheese. 9.When plating set the sauce onto of the chicken breast and set the green beans next to it. 10.Season the green beans with salt and pepper.