Ricotta & Herb Stuffed Pan Roasted Chicken with Pomegranates & Young Spinach

Best served cold, this is great for a picnic or a meal for a hot day




2.5 lbsPoultry ( preferred Deboned. Ask your butcher to do it) 4 oz Ricotta Cheese 1 handful Fresh Thyme leaves, chopped fine ½ handful Fresh sage leaves, chopped fine 4 glugsOlive oil ½ teaspoon Butter 1 clovegarlic, ¼ cup White Wine 1 wholePomegranate Seeds (just the seeds- skin and yellow pith removed) 3 cups Spinach, fresh & young & thoroughly washed To taste, Sea salt and cracked pepper

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In a bowl beat together the Ricotta, thyme, sage with a dash of salt and pepper. Using two fingers, CAREFULLY, part the skin from the chicken pieces DO NOT SEPARATE. With a teaspoon, evenly stuff the ricotta mixture into the gaps under the skin. When done, pull the skin around the piece so it tight. Preheat over to 425° heat an oven safe pan, add 2 glugs of olive oil and the legs and thighs of the fowl (skin side up) and cook for 5 minutes until crisp and golden on each side, Add the breasts, skin side up. Add butter, garlic and wine. Place in oven for 25 minutes, then add Pomegranate seeds, cook for another 5 minutes. Remove form oven and place on stovetop and add the Spinach. Mix in lightly. To let it wilt just a bit. In the bottom of the pan is a great sauce. Taste and add salt and pepper is necessary but it should be wonderful. Plating. In the center of you plate add a small amount of wild rice. Place two pieces of fowl around it @10 and 2 and spoon the sauce with pomegranates and spinach all over everything. Wonderful stuff.