Pretend like ya camping Pork Chops N Fixins

Submitted by Saintzfan
Submitted by Saintzfan


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Bone in Pork Chops Onion Bell Peppers Potatoes Carrots Butter

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Cut a Large Piece of heavy duty tin foil. Begin by spraying your tin foil with oil. Season chops with seasoning salt and pepper or your choice of seasonings and place on foil. Slice potatoes into wedges and place around chops. Slice half the onion into rings then slice other half into 2 wedges on place on chops. Slice Bell Peppers (I used yellow, green, and red) into strips and place around and on top of chops. Slice carrots into strips and place on top. Salt and pepper veggies around chops then place a few small pats of butter all over and fold your foil and ends to keep juices inside. Then place on your indoor/outdoor Cuisinart grill at 300 degrees for 45 minutes. Make sure to cover your grill with lid. At last, pork chops and veggies bursting with flavor and did I mention how moist the chops are and they just fall off the bone??!!!! Please be careful of steam when opening foil!! Oh my and the clean up? None Just trash your foil :) Wala! Deeeeelicious!