Potato Pie moma's style

Potato Lover's Dream Pie


4 Man's size serving or 6 smaller


10 red potatoes 1 pound of lean Ground beef 1 medium onion chopped 4 cloves of minched garlic ½ cup blanched almonds (optional) 1 egg white (optional) 1 teaspoon of salt. 1½ teaspoon of cumin ½ teaspoon or coriandor ½ teaspoon all spice 20 grinds of fresh.black pepper

Nutritional information

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Peel pototoes. Place in a pot and boil. In the meantime brown the meat well with the chopped onions. At the end when it is almost browned well, put the minced garlic in there and brown some more. Add the 1 teaspoon of salt and mix well. Add the allspice and mix it well again as you are still browning. Add the coriandor and mix well again and finally add the cumin while mixing. Make sure the meat browned well. Set aside. In the meantime, mash the potatoes with a bit of butter like you normally would--however it has to be firm not too creamy. Split the mashed potatoes in half Take a 9 x 7x 2.5 pyrex pan and press ½ of the mashed potatoes at the bottom. Put the meat mixture in the middle and the rest of the mashed potato on top. If you are not allergic to nuts you can put the nuts on top of the mashed potatoes and bake in the oven at 375 degrees untill the thinly sliced almonds are brown and toasty. If you are allergic to nuts then you can just brush on the egg whites on top and bake in the oven for about 30 minutes untill the top of the mashed potatoes are brown.