Plantain Mashers Stuffed Chicken Breast

Pan Seared Chicken Breast Stuffed with Sweet Plantain and Chorizo Sausage Mashers with a Balsamic Reduction Glaze




Chicken Breast 2 each Sweet Plantains 1 each Chorizo sausage 1 each Dry Mojo rub 3 OZ Oil For frying Olive oil for sauté pan. 3 oz Balsamic glaze ½ cup chicken stock

Nutritional information

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1. Heat oil in fry pan to cook sweet plantains 2. Peel sweet plantains and cut into slices on an angle about 2 inches thick and fry till golden brown. 3. Pat off excess oil and place in a mixing bowl. 4. Cut chorizo sausage into small dice and add to fried plantains season with salt and mash together till all is well mixed. 5. Season chicken breast with dry mojo rub and butterfly breast so you will be able to stuff with mashers and roll. 6. use a tooth pick to hold the chicken breast together while cooking 7. Pre heat oven to 400 degrees 8. Add 2Tlb spoons of olive oil to hot sauté pan that is oven safe. Pan sear the chicken breast on all sided to get light brown color add ½ cup chicken stock to plan and place in oven till chicken is fully cooked and internal temperature is 165 degrees 9. Remove from oven set and cutting board and let rest for 1 minute cut on a bias and top each breast with 1.5 oz of balsamic glaze