Memphis Pulled Pork

Submitted by Memphis BBQ
Submitted by Memphis BBQ
I have attached a picture of a whole shoulder which is larger than a Boston butt, but you can see what it should look like at the end.


15-20 lg pulled pork sandwiches


1 Boston Butt ( 8-12 lbs) Dry Rub of your choice Mop Sauce: 3 cups of Apple Juices 3 cups of Apple cider Vinegar 1 cup of white sugar 2 tbs of black pepper

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Rub butt 24 hours before cooking. Bring smoker or grill up to 225. You want to put a lot of smoke on the meat for the first four hours so use hickory wood or chips. Make sure you mop every hour. Continue to smoke and mop for an additional 8 hours or until blade bone protrudes from side of roast and it is very tender. Once meat reaches approx 195 degrees you know it will be tender. Make sure your smoker never rises above 250 or goes below 200. Let meat rest for 30 min and then use your hands to "pull" the meat into small pieces. Don't add sauce until the meat is on the bun. Remember this is Memphis Bbq not NC or KC.