Lamb Apple Supreme

A luscious lamb entree with many enhancing flavors.




1 – cup Hikari Japanese rice 1 – cup Merlot wine 4 – apples, any baking variety 2 lbs ground lamb 2 – eggs ½ - cup chopped mushrooms ¼ - cup grated cheddar cheese ¼ - cup crumbled blue cheese ¼ - cup chopped pecans ⅛ lb butter Mint jelly

Nutritional information

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Cook rice in rice cooker. Mix ¼ cup Merlot into the rice. Place ½ of the rice into a buttered, round, 10” glass baking dish, making a bottom “crust”. Mix the ground lamb with the eggs. In a 10” round skillet, fry 2 - 10” lamb patties (fry both sides but keep medium rare). Place 1 patty on the rice in the baking dish. Peel, core and cut apples into small pieces. Sautee apples in the butter and remaining Merlot, adding mushrooms when apples are nearly done. Place sautéed apple mixture on lamb patty in baking dish. Cover with second lamb patty. Cover with remaining rice, making a top “crust”. Sprinkle pecans, cheddar and blue cheese on top Bake in 250F oven for 20 minutes. Serve with side dish of mint jelly.