K.I.S.S. Sausage & Dumplings

This is a comfort food with the barest of ingredients. I developed this recipe for kids to help and enjoy this stick to your ribs meal. I call it my K.I.S.S. recipes. Prep time is less than 20 minutes and cooking time about the same.




1 # pork sausage ( any sausage can be used but I've had the best success with Tennessee Pride Breakfast) 3 TBSP minced onion 2 C. beef stock 1 heaping TBSP flour (for thickener, you can use corn starch) Black pepper Sage garlic powder 2 cans biscuits (cheaper the better, not flaky)

Nutritional information

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Form sausage into balls (1½ " - 2') and brown in hot pan. (I only brown mine and finish in the microwave- 30 sec. for each ball and save drippings) Brown onion and flour in same pan (add a little oil if needed ) and when browned; add stock, drippings, and sausage into a large pot. Season to taste and allow to slightly thicken. Open biscuits, cut in half, flour lightly, and allow to air dry a few minutes. If stock is not thick enough, mix 2 teaspoon. in COLD water and stir into stock. Bring to boil and reduce to minimum heat. Taste and re season if needed. Add biscuits one at a time till full and cover. If boiling at all biscuits will dissolve so very low heat (crock pot on warm). Check in about 4-5 minutes and push dumplings into stock. Should cook-up in about 12- 15 minutes.