Italian meatloaf

a nice golden deep brown with a savory sauce to bast with. eveyone should enjoy this one


2 to 4 people


½lb. pork, ½lb. veal,½lb ground chuck, red onion, garlic, cummin, oregeno, mustard, thyme, pepper, italian bread crumbs, steak sauce and whistishire,2eggs

Nutritional information

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in a large bowl add veal,pork,grnd.chuck,eggs,pinch cummin, pinch oregeno,pinch,thyme,pinch,pepper, finely chop ½red onion,chop 6cloves garlic, squirt of mustard, dash of steak sauce and whistitshire, 2palm fulls of bread crumbs and nead with hands,put in a shallow pan with tinfoil mold like a loaf of bread, brush olive oil on it. bake at 350 degrees for 40 mins. every 15 mins. bast it with mixture of whistishire, steak make sure it is done take butter knife put it in the center make sure it is clean. let rest for about 5mins. serve with what you want.