Garden of Youth tacos

Fountain of Youth Tacos Submitted by VegasMike
Fountain of Youth Tacos Submitted by VegasMike
Like a mad scientist formulating the perfect superfood, Michael Kentros unwittingly also discovered the fountain of youth and vitality. Plagued with a myriad of health issues from his morbid obesity, Michael took matters into his own hands and went to work creating a diet he could live with. Within a few months, the fountain of youth tacos would be here and Michaels life would be transformed to the Michael of yesteryear after losing over 50 pounds in 6 months. Eat all u want as much as you want - That was the motto when creating this superfood. After months of trial and error all the ingredients came together to form the perfect taco. Find out what happens to your health, body and appearance when you bombard your body day after day with the miraculous healing powers of these vitamins, minerals and nutrients in their purest form. With the magic of spices, up to15 vegetables are transformed to produce the best tasting most delicious taco you will ever eat. Each vegetable was chosen for its specific effect on the systems of the body while tricking your brain that you are eating delicious junkfood. Eat your way to a new you as fat miraculously sheds off your body and youth magically returns to claim its stake on the new you. See for yourself what caused the news sensation of 2017 from the New York Post to the Daily Mail and everywhere in between as the formula/recipe is finally revealed for the first time. Come...step inside, young you is eager to see you again.




1 can black beans 8oz. tomato sauce quarter cup quinoa quarter cup brown rice cooked together in pot with 1 cup water. Rinse quinoa before cooking 2 large carrots 6 large garlic cloves 4 green onion stalks 1 medium broccoli crown 8 to 10 thin asparagus stalks 1 medium zuccini 1 large red onion 1 med/large spanish onion 12 oz. white or bela mushrooms 2 large tomatillos 1.5 inch piece fresh turmeric half lime 2 med bell peppers 2 jalapenos 2 banana peppers 2 med/lg habanero peppers 1 pound tomatoes 1 bunch cilantro sour cream Tastadas or tortilla chips note: you may add a handful of spinach and swiss chard but you should remove either broccoli or asperagus to avoid any hint of greenery in taco blen

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Rinse, peel and prep veggies for food processor and chop Brown onion a few minutes in 4 tablespoons olive oil. pour all ingrediants in pot over med flame. Puree tomatoes and tomatillos in food processor and pour on top with tomato sauc..then this is the point the magic happens. The spices will transform the vegetables into taco..and as we said before..not just any taco but the the most amazing, tastiest taco to ever touch your lips while being the healthiest meal on the planet. 5 tablespoons chili powder and 5 cumin. I just take off lid of spice jars and pour it out1 big tablespoon paprika. 1 tablespoon Cheyenne pepper sprinkle very little oregano Himalayan pink salt and pepper to taste Add black beans and cooked quinoa/brown rice blend. let cook for a few more minutes till carrots lose crunch. walla!! taco is made!! continue to simmer till everything looks, smells, and tastes like taco...should take around 10 min for everything to come together. Let stand and drain excess juices. This is your VEGETARIAN/VEGAN blend and will taste amazing. it can stand on its own and you would never guess there is No meat in it. If you aren’t ready to go full vegetarian just yet, not a problem. I lost all my weight in 6 months adding ¾ pounds of 93% lean ground turkey, grass fed beef or gulf shrimp to blend. It is so low fat the weight will shed off you regardless. bon appetite!