Easy Mummy Pizzas

Individual kid and adult-friendly pizzas that look like mummies. Mix and match eyeball toppings to please all your guests!


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Hamburger rolls or Mini Bagels, as many as you want to make Pizza Quick, or any pre-made canned pizza sauce mozzarella string cheese, separated into strings of various sizes Cherry Tomatoes, Mini Mozzarella balls, mini Pepperoni slices, olives (for the eyes)

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Cut buns or bagels in half and lay cut side up on cookie sheet lined with foil (no clean-up!). Spread the pizza sauce on each piece of bread, and then layer the 'mummy bandages' on with the string cheese (trim to fit or let edges overhang). Make the eyeballs and pupils with whatever combination of ingredients you want. Cut cherry tomatoes and mozzarella balls in half. Use a regular straw to 'core' out a pupil in each one (blow in the other end of the straw to release them), then replace the newly created hole with the other items cored out. Small tomato and cheese pupils can also be used on mini pepperoni slices, and olives can be cut in half and used as-is with the pimento as the pupil. Mix and match the eyes and pupils however you like and place two on each pizza. Bake in oven or toaster over until cheese is melted and pizza is heated, about 8-10 minutes at 400 degrees.