Cyndle's Dream Casserole

Sumptuous spicy seafood casserole




1 onion, diced 1 c basmati rice ½ teaspoon salt 1 T mesquite seasoning 1 red pepper, diced 1¾ c chicken broth 1 T butter salt & pepper to taste 3 cloves garlic 1 can chipotle peppers 1 pt raw oysters, drained OR 2 c raw shrimp 1 T Goya cilantro sauce (per ramekin) Lots of shredded pepper jack cheese 1 c sour cream juice of ½ lie plus lime zest Jalapeno peppers Chili lime corn chips

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Saute onions, red pepper and raw rice in butter Add chicken broth & mesquite seasoning Bring to boil, simmer 15-20 mins, let stand 10 mins Spray ramekins (6-8) with Pam or put it all in 9x9 pan Puree 1 can black beans, garlic and cumin Layer rice, chipotle pepper, beans, seafood, cilantro sauce and top with cheese Bake for 30-35 minutes at 350 til bubbly Add lime juice and zest to sour cream, mix well, set aside Unmold ramekins on to serving plate Top with lime sour cream, Jalapeno slice, sprig of fresh cilantro and chili lime corn chip If you use a large baking dish you can just garnish on top and serve family style!