curried chicken & asparagus

Submitted by LissaJ
Submitted by LissaJ
very tasty, can be served with rice or potatoes and broccoli, or vegetable of your choice, has a mild but high flavor, does not taste like curry, one of my favorite dishes




1-2 tablespoon curry powder ¼ cup of mayo 1 small bunch of prepared asparagus or one can 3-4 chicken breasts depending on size cut into large chunks (I like 2" chunks) 1 can of condensed chicken soup salt and pepper pinch of salt and pepper 2 oz white wine (optional) 1 small pack of herb stuffing 3 tablespoon butter salt & pepper

Nutritional information

I find it quite nutritional, apart from the soup and the small amount of stuffing mix, its a really good healthy meal


mix mayo and curry powder together, spread in the bottom of oven proof dish ( I use a 9" square dish) next lay the canned or uncooked asparagus on top of the mixture. add the chicken which has been cut into large chunks In a bowl mix the chicken soup salt and pepper add the beaten soup mix to the dish spreading evenly over the ingredients top off with finely chopped stuffing mix, and dot pats of the butter on the top Bake in a 350 degree oven for about 45 - 60 mins depending on thickness of chicken.