Boston Cheese Steak




Sub rolls (cut or uncut) ½ lbs thin sliced steak 1 bell pepper (green or red) 1 Spanish onion American cheese singles Parmesan Cheese Black pepper Adobo seasoning Paprika Chili Powder Cinnamon Olive Oil Balsamic Vinegar

Nutritional information

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Heat broiler on low. Set a top burner to medium heat. Keep small pot off stove and add oil and vinegar. Dice onion and pepper and add to pot. Place on burner and stir onion and pepper into oil and vinegar. Add a pinch of black pepper, adobo, and chili powder. Stir once more and cover. Spread thin layer of Adobo, black pepper, and chili powder on a baking tray. Place steak on tray and dust lightly with cinnamon and place in the oven. Occasionally stir veggies to avoid burning. Cut open rolls and spread a thin layer of Parmesan cheese on the bottom, followed by 2 slices of cheese. When medium cooked, remove steak. Reduce heat on veggies. Cut steak into small squares. Drain oil and vinegar from pot and scoop a generous amount into each roll. Top with steak then for each roll, tear slice of cheese in half and lay end to end across top of roll. Spread thin layer of Parmesan cheese and paprika across top of rolls. Place in burner and let cook until rolls are golden on top and crispy.