BBQ - Rack Of Lamb


approx 8


Two french cut racks of lamb two 9 oz jars of mint sauce (not jelly!) Sprigs of fresh mint fresh or dried crushed rosemary fresh or dried crushed sage toasted sesame oil one bottle of beer (I use Heineken!) six cloves of garlic

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Take two french cut rack of lamb and peel off their sinewy fat layers found on one side. The sinewy layer can be cut into strips, woven onto a skewer painted with sesame oil and grilled medium heat direct and then indirect heat for 12 minutes turning over half way. This makes a great appetizer. Place the rack in a one gallon freezer bag and dust with rosemary and sage. Let stand in Fridge for two hours. Mix two 9oz jars of mint sauce (not jelly!) with six cloves crushed garlic, half a bottle of Heineken or other beer and a sprig of fresh mint using a Cuisinart hand blender such as the wand or Smartstick. Pour the mix into the bag of lamb and rebag so it is double bagged, leave refrigerated as long as practical, the longer the better. I will massage the bag of lamb and turn over Every time I visit the fridge. Drain the lamb keeping the fluid, cover the bone ends with foil and place on a grill medium to high temperature for indirect cooking (paint grate with peanut or other oil, use foil under later if necessary) Keeping lid closed as much as possible for 40 to 60 minutes. About every 5 minutes paint the marinade onto the lamb using a paint brush to keep it moist. And about every 15 minutes flip it over. For the last 15 to 20 minutes stand the rack up on its end bones up in the air to catch just the meat medallion. Put out any grease fires under the grate by spraying with beer (never use water especially if the grill is charcoal or wood.) Be careful to avoid steam spray. Allow to cool 5 minutes, cut into chops by slicing each segment close to the bone. Serve with a dash of mint sauce and a couple of fresh mint leaves.