Baked Rice with Chicken Breasts and Bacon

This recipe is a very easy to prepare casserole, that will delight the taste buds of everyone that partakes in this yummy casserole. Very easy to prepare, and a great crowd pleaser all around.


6 to 8 persons - Depending on the amount of ingredients.


Large Box of Minute Instant Rice 6 to 8 Boneless Chicken Breasts, you can also use other cuts of chicken, depending on your preference Package of Bacon - Half of Bacon left in whole strips Cut the other half of package into half strips Two [2] to Three [3} cans of Cream of Chicken Soup- can be adjusted to the amount in casserole dish. Water added to the box of rice according to directions for cooking on the range top. If you like you can add some milk, about one can to the rice and water before mixing in the Cream of Chicken Soup

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Wash and drain all the chicken pieces, and drain on a plate and paper towels. Place box of Minute Rice in the large casserole dish. Place a small amount of Olive Oil in the bottom of the casserole dish, in order to prevent sticking. Mix water with the Instant Rice, just like you were going to cook the rice on the stovetop. It will be soupy, but you need the moisture to cook the instant rice. Mix the Cans of Cream of Chicken Soup in a different bowl, with the same amount of water. Mix the water and the Cream of Chicken Soup together thoroughly. Place this mixture in the mixture of rice and water. If you want to decrease the amount of water with the Instant Rice that is fine. It will be just a little thicker. I usually only mix half of the water called for on the box of Instant Rice. You can always add additional water after it has cooked for a while. Next, wrap the chicken pieces each in a whole strip of bacon. Place aside. Cut the other half of the package of bacon into half strips. After you have mixed the rice, water, Cream of Chicken Soup all together, add the half strips of bacon on the first layer of rice and water with the soup. Place the half strips of bacon on the first layer of rice and liquid. Place half of the chicken pieces on top of this mixture, and make sure the bacon is completely wrapped around each piece of chicken. Repeat the rice mixture and Cream of Chicken Soup layer. Top with the half strips of bacon. Place the Bacon-Wrapped Chicken on the top for the final layer. Bake in a Large Oval Covered Casserole Dish with a Lid. Bake at 450 Degrees for about 30 minutes. Reduce the heat to 350 Degrees and continue cooking for at least an hour. You want to make sure that the chicken pieces are done all the way through. If it looks like the rice and Cream of Chicken Soup mixture is getting too dry, after the first 30 minutes at 450 Degrees. You can always add more water. I tend to add less liquid at the beginning, and see how it cooks up after the first 30 Minutes. You can always add more water later.