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Fritata Frenzy

Roni's Sumptuous Fritata


2 Extra Lg. Or Jumbo Eggs
1/2+ Cup Diced or Sliced Mushrooms
1 Red or Any Color Pepper Diced or Sliced
Onions -Opt*
Black Olives Diced or Whole
Turkey Or Chicken Sliced Deli-Style Or Freshly Made Chicken Or Turkey..
Red Potatoes Diced 1/2 Cup Approx.
Cheese Sliced, Shredded, Whole Slices
Grape or Cherry Tomatoes Halved 1/2 Cup Approx.
Broccoli Cut with Stems on (Smaller Stalks)
Olive Oil + Butter or I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Etc.....
Combined In Fry pan...
Pepper , Garlic Powder, no Salt!!


Wash, slice, dice, cut all veggies
Sautee veggies in oil/ marg. Combo when potatoes are fork browned and softened stir in the chicken or turkey until blended
Add your eggs moving around the pan, adding the olives and cheese...transfer to the oven ,bake about 20 minutes on 350*until the cheese melts and browns a little....(use a non-stick fry pan)
Suggestion* use a pizza cutter

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serves 2 as entree, serves 4 as appetizer or breakfast

Nutritional Information
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no nutrition information available

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