RECIPES / Entrees
Enjoy the rolls: • Prepare a bowl of warm (hot) water, with a few drops of oil. • Dip one rice paper in the water bowl, and put it on server plate. Place some rice stick, lettuce, cucumber, and basil leaves. Top with some slices of Vietnamese sausages, eggs, pork meat, shrimp, and roll it up firmly. • Dip the roll into Vietnamese fish sauce, and enjoy.
Vietnamese Spring Rolls
½ bag of rice stick, 1 pack of dry rice paper
½ bag of Vietnamese sausages, ½ lbs of shrimp
½ lbs of sirloin pork, 3 eggs lettuce, thin sliced cucumber, basil leaves as desired.
Prepare the rolls:
• Cook shrimp in a boiling water (very little water) for 2 min. (Shrimps that are over cook will not taste good, nor sweet). Then peel the cover off, clean, and put them on the plate.
• Cook pork in a boiling water for 10 min or until it’s done depending how big the meat is. Thin sliced the meat and put on the plate.
• Peel the Vietnamese sausages if desired, and thin sliced. Fry or cook in microwave for three minutes, or until it’s done. Put them on the same plate. Hint: With Vietnamese sausages, put them in hot water for a couple minutes before use. This will help to peel the cover off easier.

• In a bowl, whisk the eggs for 2 min., then cook on the non stick pan (no omelets) into thin layers. Put them on the board, and thin sliced after they cool down. Put them on the plate.
• Cook a large pot of water. Add rice sticks in when it boiled. When it’s done, pour in a basket, and let dry. (Do not over cook the rice sticks). When ready to eat, put the rice stick on a small plate.
• Prepare lettuce, cucumber, and basil leaves on a different plate.

Vietnamese Fish sauce:
• ½ cup granulated sugar, 1 cup of warm water
• ½ cup of fish sauce
• 1 lime, and garlic if desired
• Combine sugar and warm water until dissolve. Add fish sauce and whisk well.
• Squishes in the lime juice to taste. Add fine chopped garlic, hot chili if desired.
• Delicious fish sauce should taste light, a little salty, mostly sweetly with the kick of sour from lime. Hot chili, and garlic give a flavor and help the fish sauce lasts a bit longer.

Servings: 2-4 people

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