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A healthy tomato soup with a roasted, smokey flavor.

Roasted Tomato Soup

2 28 oz cans whole tomatos

5 roma tomatos

2 pablano peppers


4 Tbsp fresh basil

3 Tbs fresh Thyme

sour cream

BelGioloso Parmasian cheese (cut off the rind to be added into crock pot)

1/4 onion finely chopped

2 cups broth

1/2 tsp pepper flakes

1 tsp salt 1 Tbs pepper


Spray cooking sheet with non stick cooking spray. Cut Roma tomatoes in half and lay skin side up on pan. Cut poblano peppers in half, take out the seeds and de-vein. Lay skin side up on pan Spray romas and poblanos with non stick cooking spray.

Roast tomatoes and peppers in 450 degree oven until the skin separates (about 10 min) take out and set aside to cool.

Put 2 cans 28 oz whole tomatoes in crock pot (this can be done on the stove top, I just like using the crock pot to allow the house to fill with the comforting aroma).

Using your hands mash the tomatoes up until they are broken and release their flavor.

Roast garlic, once the cloves are soft and starting to pop out of the sheath, mash or finely chop and put in crock pot Saute finely chopped onion (to keep it healthy I use non stick cooking spray however you could use small amount of butter or EVOO). Add to Crock pot.

Pour 2 cups broth in crock pot (I use low sodium vegetable broth, but any broth could be used). Finely chop Basil and Thyme and add to crock pot.Add salt and pepper.

Remove the skins from the roasted tomatoes and poblano peppers. Finely chop the peppers and add to pot. Put the tomatoes in the pot. Using a potato masher mash the roma tomatoes to the point all the tomatoes in the pot should be in chunks.

Cut the parmasian cheese rind off and put in soup (the rind itself is hard enough not to melt and adds great flavor) Cook on high for 3 hours.

Take the soup out in portions that will fit in your blender or food processor (remove the cheese rind and discard). Blend the soup in a blender or food processor. When blending add in equal portions of sour cream to make a creamy mixture.

If you want to keep this healthy substitute fat free sour cream or greek yogurt. I blend in portions then add to a large mixing bowl until all soup has been blended then put back in crock pot.

After blending put the soup back into the crock pot and cook an additional 30-60 minutes. Ladel out portions and top with grated parmesian cheese. Chiffonade a couple of basil leaves to top the bowl of soup eat and enjoy!!!

This recipe can be modified per your tastes. For EX I love garlic an put in 6-8 cloves but you could add less. This goes for the herbs and spices as well.


Servings: 6-8

Nutritional information per serving

No nutrition information available

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