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Submitted by Dana El Assaad:
Submitted by Dana El Assaad:


• Espresso Syrup: sugar 4 oz
• Water 4 oz
• Coffee, strong(espresso) 12 oz
• Kahlua 2 oz
• Rum 2 oz
• Filling: mascarpone, softened 1 lb
• Sugar 6 oz
• Egg yolks 4 oz
• Marsala sweet, 6 oz
• Cream 1 quart
• Finishing: whipped cream, sweetened 8 oz
• Ladyfingers as needed
• Cocoa powder as needed
• Powdered sugar (sucre neige) as needed

Nutritional information

No nutrition information available


1. Syrup: boil water and sugar, add espresso and liqueurs
2. Filling: mix mascarpone until smooth, set aside. Add egg yolk and sugar, whip until smooth and light in color. Add marsala and whip over a hot water bath until it reaches 150F. Whip off heat until cool. Whip cream to soft peaks form. Fold the cold zabaglione into the mascarpone, then fold in the whipped cream.
3. Finishing: dip ladyfingers into syrup and layer alternately with one layer of the cream mixture and ladyfingers.
4. Decoration: Let the last top layer be of cream. Dust with sucre neige and stencil with a cocoa powder design.