Sweet and Spicy Christmas Cookies

These cookies combine the sweetness of the sugar and the spice of the cayenne pepper. Our family loves the little kick the pepper gives. It's just so different.


4 dozen


⅓ cup unsalted butter softened ½ cup butter flavor shortening 1 cup powdered sugar 1 large egg 1 teaspoon cinnamon extract 1 teaspoon cayenne pepper ½ teaspoon Cardamom 2½ cups all purpose flour 1 teaspoon salt

Nutritional information

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Heat oven to 375 degrees. Using Cuisinart standing mixer mix butter, shortening, sugar, egg, cinnamon extract, cayenne, and cardamom. Blend in flour and salt mixing well. Place 1 tablespoon cookie dough on ungreased cookie sheet leaving at least an inch between each cookie. Bake 6-7 minutes or until they are set and light brown. Place on plate to cool.