Poppyseed Cake

Deliciously sweet, super moist poppy seed cake. My kids request this cake for their Birthday cake each year. No store bought birthday cake's in our house.


12 or more


1 Duncan Hines super moist yellow cake mix 4 eggs 8 oz. sour cream ½ cup sugar 1 stick melted butter ½ c. vegetable oil ¼ c. poppy seed

Nutritional information

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Heat oven to 350 degrees, take a bundt pan and wipe it with crisco shortening, then coat with a scant of granulated sugar (not the sugar in the ingredients above) knock out excess. Mix all above ingredients on low speed with mixer about 3 min. Pour into bundt pan. Place in heated oven for 45 min. After cooking let cake cool in bundt pan for 30 min. then place cake upside down on cake plate. Serve warm or room temperature.