Passion Fruit Tart

Passion Fruit Tart Submitted by Raihana
Passion Fruit Tart Submitted by Raihana
An amazing fresh passion fruit tart that is robust with flavor, the seeds crack in your mouth mixing with the creamy filling and the bits of the crust!




For the crust: 2½ cups of crushed graham cracker 12 tablespoon of melted butter crush the crakers and mix in the melted butter stir really well and put it in a tart pan refrigerate for a couple hours Filling: 1½ cups passion fruit 1 teaspoon vanilla 16 oz mascarpone cheese 1½ cups of whipping cream 3.4 oz lemon jello pudding 3.4 oz vanilla jello pudding 16 oz whipped topping/cool whip

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In a bowl or mixer add the mascarpone and turn it on till it's nice and smooth, next add both the jello pudding powder mix and also add the whipping cream, vanilla and start mixing everything till it is nice combined, next add the passionfruit pulp and lastly fold in the cool whip or whipped topping passion fruit syrup to coat the fruits you can substitute with sugar water, or apricot jelly or any preserve Fruits: 1 mango cubed 16 oz blueberries 16 oz raspberries 16 oz blackberries 1 cup pomegranate 8 kiwis sliced Method: Prepare the crust and refrigerate, make the pudding mixture and refrigerate, then prepare all the fruits you are planning to arrange on the top..... lastly brush on the syrup and refrigerate for another ½ to 1 hour or even longer! Enjoy!