Macaroon Pineapple Crepes with Pineapple Sauce

A wonderful spring dessert or fun breakfast, these macaroon and pineapple crepes will leave a smile on your face and dreaming of warm tropical nights!


For Filling: 1 1/2 C Whipping Cream 1 t Vanilla Extract 1 C Macaroons, crushed 1 C Fresh Pineapple diced, well drained 3/4 C Powered Sugar (reserve 1/4 for dusting finished dish) For Pineapple Sauce: 2 Eggs Slightly Beaten 2 T Sugar 1 T Lemon Juice 2 T Pineapple Juice 1 T Butter 3/4 C Chilled Whipping Cream For Crepes: 1 C All Purpose Flour 1/4 t Salt 2 t Light Oil, saffron or canola 1 C Whole Milk 1/4 C Club Soda 1 Large Egg 1/2 t Vanilla Extract

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For Filling: With the Whisk Attachment, Whip in the mixer the cream and vanilla to soft peaks. Change to Dough Hook Attachment fold in macaroons, pineapple and sugar. Transfer to a steel or glass bowl and refrigerate until crepes are done For Sauce: With the Paddle Attachment, Mix all ingredients except whipping cream. Transfer to sauce pan and heat to just boiling, stirring constantly Cool With the Whisk Attachment, Whip cream to stiff peaks. Change to Dough Hook attachment, Fold in cooled pineapple sauce Also transfer to a steel or glass bowl and refrigerate until crepes are done For Crepes: In Medium bowl sift flour and salt, set aside With the Paddle Attachment on slow, add oil, milk and soda, blend well Add vanilla and change speed to medium, mix for 1 minute Slowly add dry ingredients till batter is a smooth thin no lump consistency In a hot 8" non-stick round pan, spread about 3T of batter and roll around to create an even thickness Cook about 1 1/2 to 2 minute (you will do a test crepe here to set your time) Turn over and cook for about a minute Lay flat and stack staggered until you are done with the batter Get out the filling and sauce from the refrigerator Spoon filling and either roll or package fold crepe Place three crepes on plate and pour sauce over top. Dust with powdered sugar