Raspberry Sorbet

Cuisinart original

Using frozen raspberries allows you to make this vibrant sorbet any time of the year.


Makes about 5 cups (ten ½-cup servings)


4      cups frozen raspberries, thawed
1½   cups Simple Syrup (page 17)
        pinch salt

Nutritional information

Nutritional information per serving (based on ½ cup):
Calories 140 (0% from fat) • carb. 37g • pro. 0g • fat 0g sat. fat 0g • chol. 0mg • sod. 14mg • calc. 9mg • fiber 2g


1. Put the thawed raspberries in a blender jar. Blend on
High until completely puréed. To remove the seeds,
strain the purée through a fine-mesh strainer.
2. Whisk in the Simple Syrup and salt. Cover and
refrigerate until well chilled before using,
preferably overnight.
3. Assemble the Mix It In™ Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker
with the paddle secured and dispenser handle in its
upright position. Turn on and pour in the chilled base.
Churn until the desired serving consistency is reached,
15 to 25 minutes. If sorbet is not thick enough, pour
back into the freezer bowl and continue mixing until
the desired consistency is achieved, checking every
few minutes. The sorbet will have a smooth,
creamy texture.
4. Serve in cups or cones, adding toppings while
dispensing the sorbet.