Grandma's Hankies

"Grandma's Hankies" Submitted by tinaphlow
"Grandma's Hankies" Submitted by tinaphlow
These are Thin Crepe’s and banana flavored. A thin superbly flavored; fresh ; light; and used with whatever your favorite jams, jellies, or fillings are available. Plain and buttered, with a spritz of fresh lemon juice is a wonderful way to serve them up. These can be made ahead; which is great, and can be eaten warmed, or at room temperature.


2 large Eggs 1 Cup of All Purpose Flour 1 Cup Milk 4 Tbs. Sugar (+) or(-) to you desired sweetness. 1 Ripe Banana Vegetable oil for frying

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Place all ingredients in the blender, and blend until a thin batter is formed. If the batter is too thin, add a little more flour, and if too thick, just add a small amount of milk to thin out. Batter should be not too thick, but should be at the consistency to spread out thinly when poured in the heated skillet. Add very little coating of oil to a heated non stick surface skillet (I use a 8” round non-stick pan), then ladle a small amount of the batter to just coat the pan while shaking and moving the pan around. Turn over (flip) as soon as the crepe sets without tearing. This takes a little practice. Continue cooking the other side. Don’t over cook. Edges will frill up and crisp up slightly. Layer the finished crepes one on top of each other. Remember to oil the pan lightly for each crepe. Spread each individual crepe with jam or favorite spread; roll up, and enjoy.