Easy, No cooking tiramisu

Submitted by Arista
Submitted by Arista




6 Eggs, seperated ½ ts cream of tarter 1.5 Cups Coffee ¾ C sugar 16 OZ Mascarpone cheese 2 tb Coffee liquor/Brandy 20 lady fingers (more or less depending on the size of your bowl. 1 ts Coffee Extract

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1. Seperate the 6 eggs, using the stand mixers bowl as the bowl to put your egg whites in and another small bowl for your yolks 2. Allow to come to room temp. Meanwhile, prepare your coffee liquour mixture. In a wide bowl, mix together the coffee, extract and liquor. 3. Whip the egg whites with a pinch of salt on stand mixer #4. When it gets foamy, add cream of tarter and mix on #10. It will take around 3 minutes for the whites to turn into stiff peaks. When it does, lift the head of the stand mixer to see that it should look like whipped cream and will not move easily. Add ¼ slowly and continue mixing until glossy. 4. Remove and put in large bowl 5. Without even having to clean the bowl, add yolks and beat on # 6 for 2 min until light yellow. Add coffee extract, ½ C sugar and beat until everything is conbined (2 min). 6. Stop the mixer, add the mascarpone cheese and whip on # 8 until all is combined (another 2 min) 7. Stop the mixer, dump the whipped egg whites in and turn your mixer to # 2, which will gradually incorporate. 8. While it does this, prepare your pan by getting a square baking dish, dip each lady finger into the coffee mixture. Do this by dipping one side into the mixture, flip over and do the other side. (DO this fast so the lady finger doesnt soak up too much liquid to become soggy. Line the bottom of the baking sheet with the dipped lady fingers. 10. Stop the stand mixer, incorporate the rest of the egg whites/cheese mixture to make sure it is combined. Pour half of it into the prepared pan ontop of the lady fingers. Do another row of lady fingers and top with the remaining mixture 11. Take a teaspoon, add dutch cocoa powder and sprinkle it on so it coats most of the pan 12. Refrigerate for a few hours and it will be ready to serve