Cranberry and White chocolate cups

This wonderful blend of cranberries, white chocolate and orange zest in a cookie is a great combination for any occasion


12 - 2 cookies each


⅓ powdered sugar 1 ½ c sugar 1 c un-butter, softened 1 t vanilla 1 t orange extract 2 egg 2 ½ c flour (reserve 1 T to mix with zest) ¾ t salt 1 t baking powder ½ soda 1 t orange zest 1 c white chocolate chips 1 ½ c dried cranberries (6 oz) icing 3 c. powdered sugar 6 oz cream cheese 1 t orange juice 1 t orange zest ½ t orange extract 1 t melted butter

Nutritional information

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Heat oven to 350. Beat sugar and butter. Add egg, vanilla and orange extract on medium speed. Add zest. Slowly incorporate flour, salt, and baking powder till just combined. Stir in white chocolate and cranberries. Use 3 T scoop and put in muffin pan. Bake about 19 minutes or until light brown. Icing cookies when cooled. Makes 24 Icing Put all ingredients in mixer with flat beater and stir till combined. Turn to 4/5 and blend till smooth.