Classic Icebox Cake

Cuisinart original

Letting this cake sit overnight in the fridge allows the crisp chocolate wafer cookies to become cake-like and unbelievably tasty.


Makes about 10 servings


1     cup heavy cream, well chilled
¼    cup confectioners’ sugar, sifted
1     teaspoon pure vanilla extract
       pinch fine sea salt
1    9-ounce package store-bought chocolate wafer cookies
      Shaved chocolate, for garnish

Nutritional information

Nutritional information per serving:
Calories 205 (52% from fat) • carb. 21g • pro. 2g • fat 11g • sat. fat 6g • chol. 32mg• sod. 158mg • calc. 0mg • fiber 2g


1.Put heavy cream into a large, chilled mixing bowl.
2. Start whipping cream on Speed 1, gradually increasing to Speed 3, for about one minute so that the cream has some body. Add the sifted sugar and pure vanilla extract and continue to whip to Speed 5 until cream holds stiff peaks, about 1½ minutes.
3.Spread 3–4 tablespoons of whipped cream in a long strip on a platter. Begin forming a log with the wafer cookies by spreading about 1 tablespoon of whipped cream on one side of a cookie, then sandwiching the whipped cream with another cookie. Continue this process until all cookies are formed into a log, utilizing the whipped cream on the platter to hold it in place.
4.Frost the log with the remaining whipped cream. Refrigerate overnight.
5.Once ready to serve, sprinkle shaved chocolate on top of the icebox cake.                          To serve, cut cake in diagonal slices so the pretty chocolate stripes inside are visible.