Chocolate Dipped Lavender Sugar Cookies

I personally am crazy about the flavor of lavender. I make it into soda on occasion (I might share that one soon too) and recently I made it into a baked good. Then, to turn it into a party-worthy fantasy cookie, I dip the bottom in dreamy, creamy chocolate. Trust me, this is one of those times when coco adds a welcome punch, instead of overpowering the whole of the dish.




Your favorite sugar cookie dough, enough for 18 cookies
1 Tbsp of lavender
1 cup of melting chocolates

Nutritional information

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Make your dough as usual. Don’t worry, I won’t judge you if you get your base dough from a tube. Just be aware that you are going to have to fuss with it a bit in order to get this right, so you may still need to roll it out.

Chop up the lavender buds with a big kitchen knife. Or if you want to be lazy, give it three to four pulses in your food processor/blender. Then mix them into the dough.

Slice into tall round cookies. About half the diameter, and twice the height of a break and bake style cookie. Bake them as usual.

Once the cookies have cooled, temper your chocolate and dip only the bottom third and set them some where to cool unless you plan to decorate. If you are going to add sprinkles, nuts (crushed and toasted pine nuts would be great) or sanding sugars would be great choices. Just be sure to dip them while the chocolate is wet.