Chocolate Custard

Choclate Custard - An indulgence !!! Submitted by Easy Indulgence !!!
Choclate Custard - An indulgence !!! Submitted by Easy Indulgence !!!


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1.5 cups milk 1.5 cups cream ½ cup sugar less than ¼ cup cocoa powder ¼ cup cornflour or cornstarch 1 teaspoon vanilla extract Extra cocoa powder for sprinkling

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Take a saucepan and mix 1 cup milk with the cream and set it in medium flame. In the meantime in a bowl mix the remaining milk with sugar, cornstarch and cocoa powder and set it aside. Make sure there are no lumps. Once the milk + cream mixture comes to a boil , bring the flame to low and add the chocolate mixture to it. Keep it in low and keep stirring the mixture ensuring that no lumps are formed. Once the mixture starts thickening add the vanilla extract , stir it and remove from the flame. Allow the mixture in the pan to cool , transfer it to custard bowls and refrigerate. I allowed the mixture to chill for almost 6 hrs ( made it in the morning , in time to serve it as dessert over lunch) before serving. As the original recipe suggests you can sprinkle with cocoa powder before you serve. I skipped this as like i already did say , i am not much a fan of too much chocolate in my desserts and hence the reduced cocoa powder in my recipe too :). Your yummy chocolate custard is now ready to be served !!!!!!