Chocolate Custard Monster Cupcakes

MONSTER CUPCAKES Submitted by Victoria Lester
MONSTER CUPCAKES Submitted by Victoria Lester

Great for Halloween Parties! We make various cupcakes yearly and this one is a favorite with our guests.




1 Box of Chocolate Cake Mix ⅓ bag of Custard (purchase at cake decorating store) Vanilla Frosting Chocolate Frosting 12 cupcake papers

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Make the Chocolate Cake according to the box. Once complete, pour cake mix into the cupcake papers. Bake according to the box instructions. Cool cupcakes for a few hours and then fill the inner cupcake with custard filling. You can do this by using an unused turkey baster, insert into the top of cupcake and squeeze filling in. Decorate the cupcake with orange m&m's for eyes and a dab of chocolate for the eye balls. Use a cake decorating tool to make different types of hair.