chocolate cups with cream

Can be served with small berries or cut fruit!




Ingredients 1.5 cup whole milk 2 eggs 4 tablespoons sugar heavy Pinch salt 1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips 4 tablespoons Tutletown Wiskey Directions 4 teacups 1 cup whipping cream 2 tablespoons sugar Mint sprigs, for garnish, optional

Nutritional information



Heat milk in a small pan over moderate heat until it comes to a boil. In blender or food processor combine egg, sugar, a pinch of salt, semisweet chips, and liqueur. Run processor or turn on blender to low setting. Pour in boiling milk in a slow stream. The hot milk will cook egg and melt chocolate. Process or blend 1 minute, until smooth. Spoon chocolate into 4 demitasse cups and chill. After dinner, beat cream until soft peaks form. Add a little sugar and beat to combine. Top the chocolate cups with a dollop of cream and garnish each cup with mint sprigs.