Chocolate Cream Cheese Pie

This dessert requires no baking and is decadent.




1 large can sweetened evaporated milk ½ cup sugar 2 egg yolks (or substitute) 12 oz package semi sweet chocolate chips 8 oz cream cheese softened 1 10 oz graham cracker crust whipped cream

Nutritional information

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Separate milk in two equal parts. Place one part in freezer until ice forms around edges. Heat other part of milk over low heat until heated well, not boiling Place hot milk in heavy duty blender or food processor bowl. Add chocolate chips and blend until smooth and melted. Add egg yolks (pasteurized or fresh) and blend well. Add sugar and mix until smooth. Cut cream cheese into pieces and add blending well. Beat in the cold milk from freezer. Mixture will be very thick and creamy. Pour into graham crust and place in refrigerator about 4 hours until set. It will be the consistency of the cream cheese. Top with whipped cream and serve.