Choclate Noodles Delight

Its very easy nd quick recipe. Evrybdy can try this




Noodles - 200g Milk - 1 litre Sweet milkmade - 50ml White chocolate - 50g Sweet brown chocolate - 50g Pistachios roasted with butter - 50g chopped Almonds roasted with butter - 50g chopped Peanuts roasted with butter - 50g grinded Honey to taste

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1. Brake noodles and boil with milk till milk totally dissolves. 2. Remove from flame. 3. Mix milkmade well. 4. Mix prepared pistachios, almonds and peanuts. 5. Mix white chocolate. 6. Refrigerate for set. 7. Add brown chocolate and mix thoroughly, not well. 8. Add honey to taste. 9. Shift the mixture into any stylish bowl or glass. 10. Again refrigerate for 5 min. 11. Serve cool chocolate noodles delight.