Caramel-Coconut Gelato

A sinfully decadent dessert if you're not too worried about your diet. It came to me as most do, on a whim prompted by a certain ingredient. I had a bag of Brach’s caramels, a couple cans of coconut milk and the rest is in my recipe.




12oz. caramel cubes 8oz. coconut milk 8oz-12oz. whole milk 1 cup white sugar ½ teaspoon. salt ¼ teaspoon. nutmeg Splash of vanilla extract/ dash of cinnamon (up to you, you can't lose.)

Nutritional information

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I try to keep my freezer bowl frozen and make SURE your mixture is as close to frozen as possible so your machine doesn't disappoint you. Scrape down sides when mixture is about half frozen, then add any other ingredients you want. I happened to have some chocolate sprinkles which if nothing else, gave it a bit of character. If you follow this exact procedure, your gelato should take around 25 min. Remember: gelato is customarily served at -15 Fahrenheit, a good twenty degrees below your average household freezer. Just serve and eat