Better Than Anything Hot Chocolate!

A sweet and rich hot chocolate- all made from scratch! The kids are sure to love it and it is great for a snowy day!


Depending on cup size 4-6


Four Hershey Bars 3 TLBS Honey (optional) 3 cups milk or add as you see fit One bag caramel squares Whipped cream (store bought or from scratch) Vanilla ice cream (store bought or from scratch)

Nutritional information

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Pre -heat the oven to 450 Open the bag of caramel, squish two of the squares together and roll it out till flat and medium thin. Then roll that into sticks. Reapeat with the how ever many cups you intend on serving. Set Aside. Put your hershey bars into a blender on high for five minutes or until fine. Put the chocolate into a mixing pot and add the milk and honey ( honey is optional I like to add mint or eggnog for christmas) Mix continuously till smooth,, it shouldn't be too creamy. If it is add more milk. You want an easy thin liquid. Put mixture back into the blender on medium for about three minutes, this is to make the cocoa frothy and light. Then take out your cocoa and warm it for a bit on the oven. While it is blending, put the caramel sticks unto a cookie sheet ( lay down a peice of wax paper first) then put them into the oven for about 10 seconds, you want them to harden but only slightly. You dont want them to melt down. If you have one, A flame torch is very useful and takes out the guesswork. Take out your cups. Put a scoop of ice cream on the bottom. (You want a small scoop.) Poor on the hot cocoa. Add whipped cream to the top, shave some chocolate and caramel on the top and add the stirring sticks. Depending on the season I make different stirring sticks and ingredients. Halloween- I use this recipe with a bit of pumpkin spice on the top. And make a pumpkin stirring stick with a little cinnamon. Shape a pumpkin or bat with the pumpkin spice on the cream. Thanksgiving-Use this one Christmas- I make peppermint sticks/ egg nog sticks instead of caramel and I but eggnog/ mint in instead of honey. You dont want to put both eggnogs in. You want them to vary. EX use a peppermint stick with eggnog flavor. I put a little holy on the top for garnish. Valentines - I use Cinnamon andmake a red stirring stick and i shape a heart from cinnamon on the whipped cream.