Bayou Brandy sweet potato cheese cake

This is a great holiday cheesecake for fall but I must admit it is so good I make it a lot in the summer months




1 ½ sleeve of Keebler’s pecan sandies crushed finely in food processor 3 (8oz.) packages Philly cream cheese softened 1 ½ c. sugar 1 teaspoon. corn starch (added to sugar) 3 T. flour 1 T. fresh lemon juice 1 T. Brandy extract 6 eggs (1 at a time) 1 ¾ c. Louisiana sweet potatoes mashed well 1 ½ T. McCormick’s pumpkin pie spice 2 teaspoon. cinnamon 1 (24 oz.) Container of Breakstone’s sour cream 1 Pillsbury ready pie crust for garnish gator 1 T. whipping cream for brushing the gator Whipped cream for garnish Mint for garnish

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Preheat oven to 365 degrees. Prepare a 10 inch round by 3 inch deep spring pan by making sure it is together properly, and then cover the bottom with foil. Place pan into a deep and slightly larger baking pan. Now press the crushed cookies evenly trough the bottom of the pan and about ½ the way up the sides. There is no need to bake this or add butter it comes out perfectly. In a stand mixer on medium high cream together cream cheese and sugar. Remember to add the 1 teaspoon. of corn starch to the sugar before adding it to the cream cheese, cream until fluffy. Turn mixer down to medium add flour, lemon juice, brandy mix just until blended. Keeping the mixer on medium add eggs one at a time mix just until blended. Add sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie spice and cinnamon. Mix on medium until blended well. Lastly add the sour cream while mixing on medium, turn off mixer and scrape sides and bottom well, turn back on and mix until blended well. You do not want tot over mix. Now pour mixture into spring pan. Carefully add water to the baking dish fill about ½ the way up the spring pan. Be careful not to splash any water into your batter. Place in oven for 1 hour and fifteen minutes. The sides should be firm and the center will have a little jiggle, not much. So easy. So good!!!!!