Banana Chocolate Purses

Cuisinart original


Makes 12 to 15 wontons


1 chocolate bar (4 ounces) like Hershey’s 1 medium ripe banana 15 wonton wrappers water and cornstarch for sealing wontons

Nutritional information

No nutrition information available


Slice the banana into 12 to 15 slices. Break the chocolate into the same number of pieces as slices of bananas. Prepare a work area equipped with a small bowl of water and pastry brush, small bowl of cornstarch, large plate or cutting board dusted with cornstarch, package of wonton wrappers*, and filling. On a clean surface, line up 3 to 6 wonton wrappers at a time. Place a piece of banana in the middle of each wrapper. Place a piece of chocolate on the top of the banana slice. Brush the edges of the wrapper with water. Then fold the wrappers in half. If using square wrappers fold into a triangle and then press the edges tightly with your fingers in order to seal the wonton. Reserve finished wontons on a clean plate dusted with cornstarch. Fill CuisinartЄ Deep Fryer with vegetable to the maximum line. Preheat to 375F. When oil is ready place 3 to 4 wontons in the fryer basket in the up position. Lower into oil and fry for 1½ to 2 minutes, until golden and crispy. Lift basket and let the oil drain out. With a pair of tongs, place wontons on layered paper towels to drain. Repeat with remaining wontons. Dust with powdered or cinnamon sugar and serve immediately. *Note: when using wonton wrappers, it is important to keep them in their package or wrapped in plastic until you use them, as they can easily dry out.