Apricot Jello

The most wonderful jello dish you will ever make.




7 cups Apricot Nectar 4 pkg Apricot Jello 2 large cans Apricot halves in heavy syrup 1 pt Sour cream

Nutritional information

100 Calories per serving


With my Cuisinart can opener - open Apricot halves, strain liquid saving all in 2 qt measuring cup. Put apricot halves aside. Add water if necessary to apricot syrup to equal 7 cups. Pour liquid into pan and heat to boiling. Remove from heat. Stir in 4 boxes of jello - stir well. Place ½ of Apricot halves in bottom of large, decorative jello mold. Gently pour in ½ of boiling liquid. Place in refrigerator to gel. Thirty minutes later, place remaining liquid in refrigerator to set (wait 30 minutes so this will set slower.) Test jello in mold and when set to touch, spread sour cream gently and evenly over jello in mold. (I usually place sour cream in my Cuisinart blender and give a quick blend to make extra smooth and creamy.) Next remove other bowl of jello that should have just started to set (if this jello is still too loose, wait as it will lift up the sour cream when poured.) Spoon/pour the second bowl of jello when it has just started to gel on top of the sour cream and place remaining halves on top to decorate. When jello is firm, soften with warm water and invert mold onto plate. Decorate with mint leaves, grapes or any small edible fruit. Enjoy.