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Anthill Cake

This is the best Anthill you will ever eat."


30 Chocolate sandwich cookies with vanilla cream. (ex. Oreo)
13 oz bag of small Peppermint Patties
2 qt Vanilla ice cream
20 Vanilla Wafers
8-10 Chocolate covered Almonds
8-10 Chocolate covered Caramels **
1 Tube Black Gel Icing
**you can substitute raisinets for the caramel.


To Make The Base:
Place chocolate sandwich cookies in a food processor. Blend till a course texture. Add peppermint patties & continue till course texture. Coat a 10" spring form pan with cooking spray. Add cookie mixture & press down gently to coat the bottom & up about 1/2" on the sides. Add ice cream & use the back of the spoon to smooth ice cream evenly on the top. Cover with foil & freeze overnight or at least 8 hrs.

To Make Anthill:
Place vanilla wafers in a food processor & blend until smooth. Place in a sealed plastic sandwich bag until needed. Store at room temperature.

To Assemble:
Remove rim of spring form pan & place cake on a platter. On one side of cake slowly pour vanilla wafer crumbs to form a mound like an anthill. Arrange almonds for each body & 1 caramel for the head. Pipe on eyes & legs with black gel. Don't forget to put an "ant" on top of the anthill

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