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The Frozen chocolate milk gives a hint of chocolate flavor and will not dilute your coffee as it melts.
2 cups chocolate milk *
12 ounces cold water
10 chocolate milk frozen cubes
4 scoops finely ground espresso coffee
1 tablespoon vanilla powder
12 ounces milk (whole, 2%, 1% or skim)
Pour chocolate milk into ice cube trays and freeze until firm.
Pour cold water into the Water Reservoir and fill to the 4 water level mark. Place chocolate milk frozen cubes into the Carafe. Place the Carafe on the Drip Tray. Make sure the Espresso Collector is properly inserted. Place ground espresso coffee and vanilla powder into the Espresso Spinner Cup and gently tap the Spinner Cup to evenly distribute the coffee.
Place the Cover on the Spinner Cup and turn the Cover clockwise to lock. Place the Spinner Cup onto the Water Reservoir Rod and push down on the Spinner Cup to ensure that it is securely seated. Place the Milk Container into the Ice Cappuccino and Hot Espresso Maker, and pour the milk into the Milk Container. Close the Iced Cappuccino and Hot Espresso Maker cover. Gently push down on the Cover and turn the Milk Dispensing Knob to the HEAT position. Press the ON/OFF Button. The red HEAT Light will shine indicating that water is heating to the proper espresso brewing temperature
After several minutes, the green READY Light will shine, and espresso will automatically flow into the Carafe. When the READY Light shines, turn the Milk Dispensing Knob to the DISPENSE MILK position to release milk into the Carafe. When the cycle is complete, and the Iced Cappuccino and Hot Espresso Maker has been turned OFF, stir the Chocolaccino and chocolate milk frozen cubes until the cubes become semi-melted. Pour into 8 ounce glasses and serve cold.

Servings: Makes 4 servings

Nutritional information per serving

99 calories (26% from fat) • carb. 12g • pro. 6g • fat 3g • sat. fat 2g • chol. 11mg • sod. 92mg • calc. 204mg • fiber 1g

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