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This recipe won "Best in Show" and "Best Traditional Recipe" in Somerville's 2010 FluffFestival Cooking Contest!
Moreland Street Chocolate–Banana Fluffernutter Charlotte
1 loaf very thinly sliced white bread (such as Pepperidge Farms Very Thin White Bread)
4 tablespoons melted butter
4 firm ripe bananas, sliced
2 tablespoons butter
1/2 cup brown sugar, firmly packed
4 tablespoons dark rum
2 tablespoons maple syrup
sea salt
6 tablespoons Original fluff + additional for decorating (optional)
3 tablespoons creamy peanut butter
6 ounces Taza Organic Chocolate Covered Cacao Nibs
Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Cut 6 circles to fit snugly in the bottom of a 6–ounce straight-sided ramekin. Cut remaining bread into long rectangles, 1 1/4 inch wide. You will need at least 12 long rectangles, and several 1 1/4 inch squares of bread. (Fresh bread can be cut the night before and left overnight to dry slightly.)

Brush the bread evenly on one side with the melted butter. Line the ramekins with the bread, buttered side facing the sides of the dishes. Begin with a circle and then carefully use two long rectangles and a smaller piece to create a snug and neat fit around the sides. Reserve the remaining 6 bread circles until you finish the filling.

Melt the butter and brown sugar in a heavy, non–stick pan until the sugar melts and darkens. Add the rum and stir vigorously. Add bananas and maple syrup and sauté the bananas over moderate heat for 5 minutes.

Fill each ramekin with a generous amount of bananas and caramel sauce. Top with 1/2 tablespoon peanut butter, a pinch of sea salt, 1 tablespoon fluff, and 1 teaspoon cacao nibs.

Place remaining bread circles, buttered side up on top of the filling, pressing down lightly.

Bake until golden brown, about 30 minutes. Slide a thin knife around the edge of each ramekin and flip charlotte out, bottom side up onto a sheet pan. Using a piping bag, decorate the top with additional fluff, then place under the broiler, until fluff is golden brown.

Servings: 6 - 6 oz. ramekins

Nutritional information per serving

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